Residential Treatment Services

New Beginnings

New Beginnings gives girls traumatized by their histories of neglect and abuse a chance to develop healthy coping strategies and build positive relationships.

The girls learn how to make healthy decisions, express emotions through appropriate communication and behaviors, and increase their ability to live productive lives. Each young person receives the treatment and support they need, tailored for them. Services can include therapy, life skills training, and group sessions. While in residential treatment, the girls attend school, have opportunities to get work experience and build strong relationships with mentors they can trust. They also have fun doing things like art projects, taking field trips, and exploring new interests.

Our staff listens without judgment and encourages the girls to make their own choices wherever possible. Every aspect of our program is based on best practices for serving girls with traumatic pasts to give them a chance for a healthy future. The vision is to equip each girl for a successful transition to a lower level of care: independent living, foster care, or reunification with her family.