Our Team

Our Team

The team at Lighthouse Youth & Family Services is dedicated, compassionate, and innovative.

We are committed to providing quality services and meeting the needs of our community. We are there when children, youth, and families in crisis need us.

Executive Team



Board of Trustees

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services is governed by a community-based board of trustees whose leadership guides and sustains our organization.

Chair: Tamie Sullivan
Vice-Chair: Elena Comeaux
Secretary: Dawn Green
Treasurer: Ken Feldmann
Assistant Treasurer: Bobby Cave


Doug Bierer
Steve Campbell
Nicole Dowdell
Greg Hartmann
Roni Hyman
Allison Kahn
Kick Lee
Santoshi Mahendra
Kareem Moncree-Moffett
Barry Morris
Lisa O’Brien
Kenneth Parker
Stephen Peterson
Bob Rich
Greg Rouan
Amber Simpson
Amy Susskind
Deborah White Richardson
Bob Zepf