Shelter and Resources for Homeless Young Adults 18-24

"You stood by my side when I thought I was alone. You’ve seen things in me I couldn’t see in myself. For all of you not to give up on me means the world to me "
Sheakley Center for Youth client

Shelter and Resources for Homeless Young Adults 18-24

Lighthouse provides services aimed at helping young adults create a plan for self-sufficiency, safety, and success.

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services, a culturally-competent and trauma-informed agency, is a safe and welcoming place. We provide safe, inclusive, and affirming care for all youth.

Lighthouse meets the needs of homeless young adults; including shelter, street outreach, and a safe place to come off the streets and get basic need items. At Lighthouse, we work with young people as soon as they arrive at our door, regardless of the reasons that brought them to us. We work closely with Strategies to End Homelessness as part of the effort to end youth homelessness in Cincinnati.


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