Foster Care & Adoption

Who are the Children in Foster Care

To a foster child, a safe home is a wish.

They’ve seen life through the lens of hopelessness. Abuse. Trauma. Being in a loving foster care home offers children the chance to know protection, compassion, hope. The chance to experience the joy of simply being a child. And to build bigger dreams than even they imagined.

Be the somebody.

Lighthouse supports children from infancy through late teens who are unable to live at home because of a variety of circumstances. These youth may need assistance for very short periods time or, in some cases, permanently.

What leads to a child being placed in a foster home?

When it is determined that a child must be removed from his or her home, and a court grants temporary custody of the child to the public children’s services agency, the child’s caseworker will attempt to find a placement with a relative to help maintain family bonds. When a suitable relative is not available, the worker will attempt to find a placement with a non-relative with whom the child or family has a relationship. Suitable relatives and non-relatives are either licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services or approved by the local public children’s services agency. If the agency is unable to place the child with a relative or a non-relative who has a relationship with the family, the child is placed into a licensed foster care setting.