Foster Care & Adoption

How to Become a Foster Parent

Lighthouse is looking for all kinds of people to be the somebody—married, single, divorced, widowed, with or without children of their own, and all races and ages.

We need foster parents who are as diverse as the children we serve. The first step is a phone call. It’s not necessarily a simple process, but we’ll be beside you every step of the way. Please call to learn more: 513-475-5503.

Getting Qualified

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Phone Inquiry—You’ll speak with a staff member who will gather basic information about you and you can ask any questions you have. 513-475-5503.
  2. Pre-Service Training— Complete your mandatory 24 hours of pre-service training.
  3. Application and Administration— You’ll complete a Foster Care Application. Training must be completed prior to submitting an application.
  4. Document phase, including a background check.
  5. Home study—A social worker will collect more information about you, your family, and your background to provide a clear picture of you as a potential foster parent. This includes your personality, the dynamics of your family, how you communicate, and how open you are to the issues foster children face.


Once you’re certified and have a space prepared in your home, Lighthouse will contact you with a referral for a possible placement. Making the right match is critical for both you and the child. Lighthouse places children with foster parents who have skills to help the child. The placement process might include an interview with the child and possibly an overnight or weekend visit to your home. Ultimately, the decision to accept a child into your home is always yours. In most cases, placement may be needed on the same day. This is a situation you will discuss with your Lighthouse team, and be prepared to handle should the need arise.