Community Juvenile Justice Services

Hamilton County Community Juvenile Justice Services

Lighthouse provides all Hamilton County Community Juvenile Justice services within the community.

  • Alternative Placement Treatment: intensive programming and services for youth who are being considered for out of home placement in a juvenile justice residential facility.
  • Functional Family Therapy (FFT): in-home family intervention for the families of youth who experience delinquency, emotional or behavior disorders, or substance abuse. Interventions typically last three to five months.
  • Individualized Docket Services (LIDS) and Predisposition Diversion Docket (PDD): a system of care which is child/youth-centered, family-focused, and home/ community-based. Therapists and case managers provide intensive mental health services on a flexible schedule. The Hamilton County Juvenile Court refers all clients. Parents/guardians interested in utilizing the program must discuss eligibility with their child’s probation officer (Individualized Docket Services) or with the court intake staff (Predisposition Diversion Docket).
    • Case management, therapy and substance abuse services
    • Educational Support
    • Medication Services
  • Reentry Services: (Reentry is the process of preparing juveniles for return to their homes and communities.)
    • Intensive Aftercare Program: targets mental health, substance abuse, and/or other interpersonal and social deficits that interfere with a youth’s ability to successfully re-integrate to the community
    • Therapy services
    • Community Engagement Activities
    • Workforce Development