Make Volunteering Your 2019 Resolution

January 9, 2019

Each New Year brings about new resolutions for everyone. Some choose to make a change in their own lives, while others vow to make a difference within their community. You can accomplish both by resolving to volunteer more in 2019.

We Need You

December 17, 2018

Your year-end gift will help Lighthouse be there for kids who are homeless, alone, and have nowhere to turn.

Lighthouse Foster Mom on Importance of Children’s Services Levy

November 7, 2018

Kim Davis said the children she and her husband, Keith, have fostered have required extensive mental and behavioral health services to work through the trauma they had experienced. "All of those services are through Hamilton County," she said. "Without those services, I don't know where we would be. I don't know where the children would be. Emotionally, it would be so much harder for them to heal."

Lighthouse CEO: Issue 9 is Important for Our Community’s Future

October 19, 2018

"The staff at Hamilton County Job and Family Services is doing all they can to serve our abused and neglected children," said Paul Haffner, Lighthouse President and CEO. "If we actually give them the funding that they need and deserve, we can do incredible things for our kids."

What You Need to Know About the Children’s Services Levy

October 17, 2018

"If nothing changes, JFS, the agency responsible for placing children in foster care, will run out of money in three years, county financial experts have said. This is the result of an increase in demand coupled with state cuts."