New Analysis Reveals Economic & Community Benefits of Lighthouse’s Work

New Analysis Reveals Economic & Community Benefits of Lighthouse’s Work

For more than half a century, Lighthouse Youth & Family Services has improved the lives of children, youth, and families in Ohio by providing them with a wide range of services. Established in 1969, Lighthouse services include mental and behavioral health, juvenile justice, shelter and housing assistance, residential treatment, early intervention, and foster care and adoption.

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services commissioned the Alpaugh Family Economics Center’s research team to study the benefits and costs resulting from services provided by Lighthouse in Hamilton County, Montgomery County, and Ross County, Ohio, in fiscal years 2012-2019. Center researchers studied data from Lighthouse and local and federal sources to arrive at these conclusions:

  • Return on Investment: For every $1.00 spent by Lighthouse, an additional $1.62 was generated in economic activity and benefits to youth and families assisted, as well as to the State of Ohio’s economy.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Lighthouse provided $367.25 million in net benefits over the seven years studied (benefits minus costs for that period).

Lighthouse leaders say the analysis confirms that an investment in Lighthouse services for young people pays off in a stronger community and that when people reach their potential, everyone benefits.

“For more than 50 years, Lighthouse has helped young people heal and achieve success. The research by the Economics Center is the first to show the far-reaching impact of our services on the economy and our community. The numbers quantify the substantial benefits of an investment in Lighthouse,” said Paul Haffner, President & CEO of Lighthouse Youth & Family Services.

“The Alpaugh Family Economics Center is so proud to help this wonderful organization articulate its impact on our community. We all know Lighthouse has had a profound effect on the individuals they serve, but an important part of their story—the impact their work has had on all of us in the community— has not been told before now. Quantifying nonprofits’ impacts on our larger community is part of the Center’s #WorkThatMatters area of specialization, and we’re happy to have partnered with Lighthouse Youth & Family Services on this project,” said Center Executive Director Dr. Julie Heath.

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