Lighthouse Chosen Care Mangement Entity for Ohio RISE

Lighthouse Chosen Care Mangement Entity for Ohio RISE

OhioRISE launches 20 regional providers to serve children with intense behavioral health needs

Regional providers will help children and families access much-needed mental health care and navigate complex systems

FEBRUARY 17, 2022, COLUMBUS, Ohio —Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) Director Maureen Corcoran named today the 20 community-oriented Care Management Entities (CMEs) selected to build local systems of care for OhioRISE (Resilience through Integrated Systems and Excellence), Ohio’s first highly integrated care program for youth with complex behavioral health and multi-system needs.

“Our goal is making sure children with the most complex needs receive the right kind of care, in their hometowns, surrounded by families and communities they know and trust,” said Director Corcoran.

CMEs are vital to the success of the OhioRISE model. They will serve as the singular point of contact families will turn to in times of crisis, and a welcomed resource for managing day-to-day behavioral health and family support services. Their focus is ensuring that wrap-around, high-intensity care is available, coordinated locally, and clinically integrated for children enrolled. The state is granting each CME with approximately $900,000 to $1.2M to assist with start up costs.

The selected OhioRISE CMEs consist of highly experienced organizations that provide community mental health and substance use, specialty care coordination, hospital, and educational services, and include:

Unison Health The Buckeye Ranch
Harbor I Am Boundless, Inc.
National Youth Advocate Program* Wingspan Care Group
Choices Coordinated Care Solutions OhioGuidestone
CareStar Positive Education Program
Lighthouse Youth & Family Services* Ravenwood Health
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Healthvine Coleman Health Services†
Integrated Services for Behavioral Health† The Village Network*
Jefferson Co. Educational Service Center Cadence Care Network*

*In Partnership with the Child and Family Health Collaborative
†CMEs awarded two catchment areas

CME grants will ensure each region statewide is prepared to serve children on day one when OhioRISE launches later this year. Grants will be used to expand workforce capacity and to develop a highly connected IT infrastructure.

OhioRISE will be available to youth under age 21 who are Medicaid-eligible. Youth must meet OhioRISE eligibility criteria using an Ohio version of the nationally adopted Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment, or be admitted to behavioral health inpatient care or a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility. For more information, visit the OhioRISE webpage at