Innovative program aims to end youth homelessness in Greater Cincinnati

Every night in Hamilton County, many young people have no family to eat dinner with, no bed to sleep in, or no place they feel safe. Hundreds become homeless each year. Arianna was just 17 years old when she became homeless. She was kicked out of her house as she was about to start her senior year. No young person should go through this.

Lighthouse Recognized by HRC Foundation for LGBTQ Inclusion Efforts

“It’s an honor to be recognized for innovative inclusion as we work to serve LGBTQ young people and families,” said Paul Haffner, Lighthouse Youth & Family Services President and CEO. “This is a testament to the dedication of our employees. Each day, they unite compassion with cultural competency while supporting the safety and well-being of each young person. This is true of every service we provide, including foster care and adoption, residential treatment centers, street outreach, and emergency shelter. “