Lighthouse CEO: Issue 9 is Important for Our Community’s Future

"The staff at Hamilton County Job and Family Services is doing all they can to serve our abused and neglected children," said Paul Haffner, Lighthouse President and CEO. "If we actually give them the funding that they need and deserve, we can do incredible things for our kids."

Cincinnati’s Ban on Public Homeless Hinges on Shelter Capacity; When Are They Full?

Teams of coordinated outreach workers from Downtown Cincinnati, Inc., Greater Cincinnati Behavior Health, Cincinnati VA Medical Center and Lighthouse Youth Services open a case for a person sleeping on the streets. Files remain open for 90 days, the window of time used to make a count of people experiencing homelessness who are not in a shelter. On Aug. 21 – the day after the homeless camp was disbanded – the 90-day count of people sleeping on the streets stood at 297.

Children of the Opioid Epidemic Face Neglect, Trauma

The children of the opioid epidemic, removed from parents who are addicted or found dead from an overdose, are flooding a system mandated to protect them but overwhelmed with their numbers. The number of children in the care of Hamilton County Job and Family Services grew from 2,515 in 2015 to 3,556 in 2017. Our community's children need you.