We’re Grateful for Lighthouse Volunteers!

We’re Grateful for Lighthouse Volunteers!

“Thank you to all those volunteers who have helped us with meals, cleaning supplies, cloth face masks and other support during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been able to keep our residential facilities operating because of you!”
– Paul Haffner, Lighthouse President & CEO

“To all of the lovely ladies of ChickTime: You ladies have grown to be like family to all of us here at New Beginnings. Every month we look forward to the 3rd Saturday of the month just to be able to hang out with you. You all have introduced our residents to so much from how to make sugar scrub to creating diamond Hershey kisses rings. Each month it is something different and the girls truly enjoy it. We appreciate the service that you provide to our girls and we can’t wait until this pandemic is over so we can get together again. Be careful, stay safe, and we hope to see you soon.”
– Karen Pickett, New Beginnings Lead Youth Worker

“Today with the COVID-19 Pandemic the rest of us are learning what it has always been like for our youth in crisis. Staying at home too often means we are critically missing normal social interaction that we so desperately need. People say it is the new normal, but I hope it’s only temporary. Youth in crisis experience this every day in the shelter, separated from family, friends, and everything that seems normal. That’s where our wonderful volunteers come in. They bring back, if only for a moment, the sense of normalcy that is so lacking for our youth. The huge impact they have just playing a video or card game with the youth or offering a simple non- judgmental ear and a smile that says you will get through, this life will be great again. I cannot express how grateful I am to see volunteers smiling faces and watch them share time with our youth. It is not only a blessing for them, but for me personally, it reminds me in this world of abuse that good still exits. In these times we have been blessed with Easter baskets, meals, masks, treats, and we love everything you are doing to help because each little thing you do lifts us up and always seems to come on the toughest of days.  Thank You from our staff and from myself.”
– David Durr, Mecum House Director

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everyone who is willing to volunteer and donate to Sheakley! You guys make a huge difference here.  You all are able to provide things for the clients that they may otherwise not have an opportunity to have!  I cannot express enough gratitude for everything that you guys have done!  Thank you again!!!”
– Andrew Wilson, Sheakley Center for Youth Service Area Supervisor

“Through all your hard work and efforts all things are possible. Your gifts of time and talent are truly appreciated.”
– Jennifer Miller, Development Coordinator

“Because I work in Administration, I don’t typically have the benefit of seeing volunteers in action supporting those who provide direct service to our clients. With the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the generosity, dedication and community spirit of volunteers who are making cloth masks for our employees and clients. The response has been absolutely overwhelming and I know that those who are providing direct service to our clients are so thankful and appreciative. Thank you!”
– Cathy Goold, VP, Chief Administrative Officer