Youth At Risk of Homelessness Project


Our community is participating in the Youth at Risk of Homelessness (YARH) Planning Grant, funded by the Administration of Children, Youth and Families.

The project’s goal is to prevent homelessness for youth in the child welfare system.

The four populations of youth identified as high risk of chronic homelessness include:

  1. youth entering foster care between ages 14-17
  2. youth aging out of foster care
  3. youth who are currently homeless(up to age 21)
  4. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth

The focus is on improving outcomes for these youth in four core areas: social and emotional well-being; permanent connections; stable housing; and education and employment.

Phase I included strategic planning and research. The 16 month long Phase I ran through September 2015.

Phase II began in Fall 2015. This involves implementation of selected interventions to youth in our community who are at high risk of homelessness. These interventions include SITCAP trauma therapy, high fidelity wraparound, hands-on life skills and more. Intervention will be evaluated during this phase.

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