Outpatient Mental Health Services

"Because of Lighthouse, I can now see a future that makes sense to me."
Lighthouse client

Wraparound Services

Lighthouse offers individualized, needs-driven services providing coordinated care for children, youth and families.

This variety of short term, time-sensitive services provides family support or individual aid for youth in their own homes, in foster care, group homes or independent living programs.

There are several specialized teams trained to work specifically with the varied needs that the youth may have:

*A team to work with children with developmental disabilities or autism.

*A team to work with youth in partial hospitalization or at risk of being expelled from school.

*A team of life coaches for youth entering independent living.

*Homemaker services assure children receive the nurturing and care required when parents are unable or at risk of being unable to fulfill their responsibilities. The team works to strengthen and restore parental functioning.