Partnership with Ohio Department of Education

Lighthouse Community School is a charter school sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education.

In 1997, the Ohio Legislature passed a law allowing charter schools to operate in Ohio. Since then, the number of charter schools — also called “community schools” — has grown to more than 200 around the state.

No tuition, no contracts, and no referrals required.

Charter schools are publicly funded elementary or secondary schools that operate under a contract, or charter. These public schools do not have to follow some rules, regulations, and laws that apply to other public schools, in exchange for accountability for producing specific results set out in each charter school’s charter. As a public school, a charter school may not discriminate in student enrollment, cannot teach religion and cannot charge tuition.

Lighthouse Community School is its own school district.

All curriculum align with state standards. Teachers and intervention specialists are evaluated in accordance with the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. Lighthouse Community School is responsible for meeting all special education requirements, including IEP and ETR development implementation, related meetings and documentation. Responsibility for compliance with the Office of Exceptional Children falls on Lighthouse Community School. Ohio law requires Lighthouse Community School to find a solution if a student is not doing well. The student is NOT discharged from the school.

Lighthouse Community School is audited annually by the Office of Community Schools, the Office of Exceptional Children, the Office of Finance, and the Office of Federal Programs.

Annual Performance Review 2017-2018 

Cincinnati Public School District 16-17 Annual Report for LCS