Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council


The purpose of the Student Advisory Council at Lighthouse Community School is to make recommendations to the School Administrator and the Principal.  The recommendations will be given to the School Board.  The School Board and school administrators will provide feedback about the status to the Student Advisory Council using the Stop Light Report which will be published on the school website.

The Advisory Council  shall meet at least semi-annually and make recommendations regarding the following.

(1) Strategies to improve teaching and learning at the school;

(2) How to use technology in the classroom to engage students in the learning process;

(3) Strategies to encourage high-achieving students to work with underperforming students to improve the school’s academic culture and graduation rate;

(4) Ways in which students may improve the behavior of other students and reduce incidents of bullying and other disruptive conduct;

(5) Procedures for monitoring the progress of the changes implemented;

(6) Any other issues requested by school personnel or the board or governing authority

Students who are interested in participating in the Student Advisory Council will fill out an application and will be selected by the Assistant Principal.


Faculty:         Alex Quigley,  Assistant Principal

Ashely Gallaher,  Language Arts Teacher


Student Advisory Council and School Board Stoplight Report