Lighthouse Community School

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.""

About Us

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services opened the Lighthouse Community School in 1999 in response to a growing demand for a school that would address the unique needs of junior and senior high school youth who are in the child welfare system.

With the support and sponsorship of Cincinnati Public Schools, the staff at the Lighthouse Community School developed an educational program to address the mental health needs as well as the educational needs of youth who were not successful in the traditional school system.

The decision to open Lighthouse Community School as a Charter School rather than a private school rests on two fundamental values: accountability and fiscal responsibility. As a Charter School, Lighthouse Community School is its own school district and is accountable to the State of Ohio for academic and financial performance. The school must meet all the state requirements of traditional school districts regarding academic success and fiduciary responsibilities.

Lighthouse Community School accepts any student 12-22 years old who resides in the State of Ohio and is experiencing behavioral and academic difficulties at traditional schools. Referrals to the school are not needed. Any parent or guardian can enroll their child at any time during the academic school year. If the school enrollment meets capacity, new enrollees are selected through a lottery system.

The educational goal of Lighthouse Community School is to enable each student to master basic skills in reading, writing, math, spelling, social studies and science.

Intensive academic and behavioral health diagnostic assessments and interventions are available. Remediation is available for high school students who are at least one grade behind their cohort graduation class.