Juvenile Justice

"The Lighthouse staff helped save my life. With positive reinforcement, I stopped being self-destructive and hurtful to others."
Lighthouse client

Lighthouse Youth Center at Paint Creek

Lighthouse Youth Center at Paint Creek is a community based option for boys ages 15-18 who have been adjudicated delinquent by a juvenile court in Ohio.

Since opening in 1986, boys who have successfully completed the Paint Creek program are about half as likely to be convicted of additional crimes as juveniles paroled from other Ohio facilities.

The campus in rural Bainbridge, Ohio has no bars, wire fences or guards. Security is achieved at the Center by maintaining a very structured program and constant staff presence. Escape attempts are rare.

While on the residential campus, youth receive cognitive behavioral treatment interventions, mental health, sex offender specific and substance abuse treatment- all designed to target criminogenic risk factors and teach youth how to manage their own behavior. Highly trained staff has a proven record of successfully treating youth who are sex offenders.

Many of the boys complete high school course work and earn a high school diploma while attending Paint Creek Academy, a charter school on campus. There are also opportunities for paid onsite work experience to enhance employability skills.

An additional learning opportunity is the horticultural program which includes two onsite greenhouses where the youth plant and care for flowers and vegetables. This program gives boys the opportunity to learn how to develop and manage a business.

When the time comes, the staff at Paint Creek facilitates the youth’s transition back to his community. This may include community service projects and other staff supervised activities. Staff also works with the boy’s family to plan for the transition.

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