Faith in Families

Faith in Families

When you find out your child is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender(LGBTQ), it can put a strain on the entire family. You might experience a range of emotions, including confusion, anger, surprise, grief, guilt, and disappointment. You may be concerned for your child’s present or future well-being. You may be wondering why this happened and if you did something wrong.

You are not alone.

Whether you just found out or have known for years, if your family is struggling, Lighthouse can help.

Faith in Families is a workshop for families that aims to equip family members with the knowledge, skills, and resources to better understand and support the LGBTQ young person in their life.

Faith in Families provides:

  • A judgment-free and confidential place to get support.
  • Respect for faith and family values.
  • Help improving communication and reducing family conflict.
  • Referrals to additional resources for support.

For more information, call (513) 487-7160 or send an email to Your information will be kept confidential.