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Youth Crisis Center
3330 Jefferson Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Phone: (513) 961-4080
Fax: (513) 961-6578
Director: Geoffrey Hollenbach

The Youth Crisis Center is the only facility in
the Cincinnati area where unaccompanied
youth, ten through seventeen years old, can seek shelter and safety. The Youth Crisis Center is a twenty bed emergency facility open twenty-four hours a day, 365 days per year.  The Youth Crisis Center also operates a twenty-four hour youth crisis line at (513) 961-4080.

The Youth Crisis Center is located at 3330 Jefferson Avenue in Clifton.
The Youth Crisis Center is a safe haven for young people who are physically or sexually abused, neglected or for some other reason believe that they cannot safely be in their own home.  Under Ohio law youth may seek shelter at the Youth Crisis Center without consent while their situation is examined by appropriate child protection investigators.

The mission of the Youth Crisis Center is to provide safety and effective crisis resolution to the young people of our community when their living situation is disrupted or endangered.  This is accomplished while encouraging reconciliation and reunification within families, diversion of young people from the juvenile justice system and decreasing unnecessary reliance on the child welfare system.

Admission Criteria:
1) 10-17 years old
2) Male or Female

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How can I get to the Youth Crisis Center

Lighthouse Sheakley Center for Youth (formerly Lighthouse on Highland)
2522 Highland Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Phone: (513) 569-9500
Fax: (513) 569-9501
Director: John Keuffer

Lighthouse Sheakley Center for Youth is a multi-faceted program providing shelter, day services and outreach to homeless young adults to help them achieve success in the community through case management services, referral to housing, mental health, and substance abuse services, and access to harm reduction supplies.

Resource Center: provides day services for homeless teens and young adults in their early twenties and is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  The Resource Center provides food, personal hygiene items, survival clothing, showers, laundry facilities, access to the internet, mail service, and other survival and harm reduction services.  The Resource Center is staffed by a full time coordinator who can assist guests in accessing employment opportunities, housing, mental health and substance abuse services as well as self sufficiency training, including financial literacy.  A registered nurse is on staff to provide basic health care and first aid, as well as referrals to other health care resources.

Shelter: Highland provides shelter for single, unaccompanied males and females who are motivated to move from homelessness to housing. Eligible youth must be willing to participate in a thorough intake and assessment, development of an individual service plan, and attendance in weekly psycho-educational groups.  The housing goal is developed in conjunction with their case manager and the goal is shelter residents will be exited into housing within 30 days.  All residents will meet frequently with their case manager and must adhere to the rules of the shelter. Youth who exit from the shelter are eligible for After Care services for a period of up to 90 days to ensure on-going contact and success in the community.

Street outreach:  team operates in Over-the Rhine and downtown (near the library) from a clearly marked van that allows outreach workers to access water, food, clothing, blankets, personal hygiene items and other survival supplies that might be needed by young people living on the streets.  Using a method called “harm reduction” workers attempt to bring the most basic levels of safety to those on the street.  For those young people who really want to leave the street or to get help for other basic needs, the street outreach workers are prepared to provide extensive case management services, as well as assessment for eligibility to enter the shelter in order to help the young person make that transition.

Hours of Operation:

Resource Center: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm.

Shelter: 24/7

Intake hours: 7 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m; if intake occurs with 2nd shift staff the resident must meet with a case manager who will fully assess their eligibility for on-going services within the shelter.

Admission Criteria:
1) Up to 24 years old (Resource Center)

2) 18 to 24 years old (Shelter)

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Promoting the experience and expertise of Lighthouse Youth Services the Lighthouse Training Institute provides replication services, training, and consultation to the professional community in important issues regarding child welfare and juvenile justice.

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lighthouse Learning about
Life Skills
Children in out of home care often miss out on critical opportunities to learn some of life’s most basic lessons – everything from how to make a friend to why those rented bowling shoes are wet.  Lighthouse Youth Services is committed to assessing and training every youth in it’s out of home care programs in the development of individualized basic life skills. Every youth in these programs, 12 years and older, is monitored using the Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessment and follows a plan based on this assessment and the learning style of the youth. A number of best practice curricula are used based on the youth’s plan, the setting and the Lighthouse commitment that every child should master life skills necessary to become good citizens who act responsibly and are self-reliant.


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