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Lighthouse Youth Center – Paint Creek
1071 Tong Hollow Road
PO Box 586
Bainbridge, Ohio 45612
Phone: (740) 634-3094
Fax: (740) 634-3047
Director: Mark Ingles

Lighthouse Youth Center-Paint Creek (LYC-PC) is a residential rehabilitation center for male adolescents ages 15-18, at admission, who have been adjudicated delinquent for crimes that would be considered a felony one or two for an adult offender.  Until 1993, LYC-PC was the only privately owned and managed facility of its type in Ohio.  LYC-PC is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding youth corrections facilities in the country with a recidivism rate less than half of traditional institutions.

LYC-PC rehabilitates youth through an intense program which provides positive peer culture and extensive cognitive behavioral intervention. Noted by surveyors for its care of families and profound respect for the young people served, the program was cited by CARF International in 2006 as an “Exemplary” program.

Admission Criteria:
1) 15-18 years old
2) Male
3) Felony offenders without history of serious mental health issues

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Lighthouse Youth Counseling Services
21 & 23 E. Babbitt Street
Dayton, Ohio 45405
Phone: (937) 586-0435
Fax: (937) 610-2795
Director: Ric Gulley

Lighthouse Youth Counseling Services provides structured aftercare services for boys returning to Montgomery County from Lighthouse Youth Center at Paint Creek. In addition to serving boys from Paint Creek, the Lighthouse Youth Counseling Services program provides structured treatment, including partial hospitalization services, to boys referred directly from the Ohio Department of Youth Services and Montgomery County Juvenile Court.

Admission Criteria:
1) 16-18 years old (felony)
2) 13-18 years old (sex offender)
3) Male

Community Management
401 E. McMillan
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
Phone: (513) 221-3350
Fax: (513) 891-3353
Director: Nathan Lynch

Community Management provides transitional services for youthful offenders returning to the community after a period of out-of-home placement and/or correctional institution placement. These services are provided through the Intensive Aftercare Program that targets mental health, substance abuse, and/or other interpersonal and social deficits that interfere with a youthful offender's ability to successfully re-integrate to the community. Group, individual, and family therapy, and intensive case management services are provided along with specialized services for youth with sexually aggressive behavior and/or substance abuse or addictions. Additional services help youth in the areas of educational advancement, career development and employment as well as community engagement.

Questions regarding referral to Community Management should be directed the Program Coordinator.

Admission Criteria:
1) 12 – 18 years old
2) Male or Female
3) Adjudicated and/or has substantiated history of offending behavior



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lighthouse Lighthouse Training Institute

Promoting the experience and expertise of Lighthouse Youth Services the Lighthouse Training Institute provides replication services, training, and consultation to the professional community in important issues regarding child welfare and juvenile justice.

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lighthouse Learning about
Life Skills
Children in out of home care often miss out on critical opportunities to learn some of life’s most basic lessons – everything from how to make a friend to why those rented bowling shoes are wet.  Lighthouse Youth Services is committed to assessing and training every youth in it’s out of home care programs in the development of individualized basic life skills. Every youth in these programs, 12 years and older, is monitored using the Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessment and follows a plan based on this assessment and the learning style of the youth. A number of best practice curricula are used based on the youth’s plan, the setting and the Lighthouse commitment that every child should master life skills necessary to become good citizens who act responsibly and are self-reliant.


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